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Bring us your wild and unruly hair! We know we can fix it. AND we will tell you how to maintain your beautiful locks, to keep them looking great every day. When you book a Lasio Keratin Treatment, whether, at a Keratin Lounge or Lasio Certified Salon, there will be a consultation. The Lasio Keratin Expert applying the treatment will listen to your concerns and answer your questions. They will be able to tell you what the state of your hair is and how they plan to fix it. This “custom cocktail” created specifically for you, will give your hair back what it is lacking. We welcome unruly! We love the challenge because we are passionate about what we do. Our Lasio Keratin Formulas are safe for all hair types and the process takes 90 minutes or less. Say good bye to dry, frizzy, overworked hair and hello to beautiful.…